Escape On The Legs Of A Duck

Late last night, for maybe thirty minutes, the AHAM kitchen table– one end of it neat and tidy, the other end a chaotic mess of books, unopened mail, wine corks, forgotten fruit– was transformed into a cool, marble-topped cafe table tucked into a corner of a cosy Parisian neighbourhood bistro. I agree it sounds unlikely, … Continue reading Escape On The Legs Of A Duck

A Rabbity Reward

Being a jazz musician is no bed of lollipops. We make no money, we get no respect, and the general public has a special brand of disdain reserved just for us, which frankly is fair enough, considering our hunted look and indifferent attitude to personal grooming and hygiene. And then there's all the berets and … Continue reading A Rabbity Reward

Discovering Wild Food– Lights Out, Blinds Drawn

I’m not a weirdo. Honest I’m not. But we all have those moments of weakness, don’t we? It’s late, you’re tired and hungry, sitting in the dark, scouring the internet for some kind of solace, when you see an ad. Normally you’d give a derisive snort and scroll right by, but tonight you’re vulnerable, and … Continue reading Discovering Wild Food– Lights Out, Blinds Drawn