The Wonton Assassin

Back in my dim dark past, my pre-viral salad days, I was a hired gun. A heartless mercenary offering my services to the highest bidder, performing often gruesome tasks without remorse; ruthlessly and efficiently making the hit then silently packing my equipment and disappearing back into the night. Over a period of eight years I … Continue reading The Wonton Assassin

Let’s Face It: Salmon Head Soup

Let’s get one thing straight. If you’re looking for smut, cheap laughs, double entendre, innuendo, you’ve come to the wrong blog. This is a place for mature, sober examination of sensible food. Please enjoy. In moderation. In my former life as a swashbuckling jazz musician, I used to undertake financially disastrous tours of Asia, swinging … Continue reading Let’s Face It: Salmon Head Soup